Padraic Mc Intyre – theatre man

From the age of eleven, Padraig Mc Intyre knew that he wanted to be involved in theatre. He went to a Druid production of “The Playboy of the Western World” in a hall in Shercock and he was enthralled. Later he saw the cast leaving with their costumes and props in hand. The young Padraig found it fascinating that they were able to transform into the imaginary characters created by the playwright.

From then on, he went to every play both amateur and professional that he could. His father was an avid reader and so he had access to the great Irish writers, which further fuelled his imagination.

Mc Intyre is indeed a man of the theatre – an actor, director and writer. He speaks with an enthusiasm and passion for drama and this is something that he will bring to his new role as Theatre Manager in Ramor theatre. When talking about his vision and future plans for the theatre, he is quick to acknowledge the trojan work of the previous manager, Mary Hanly, who was instrumental in the establishment of this dynamic theatre.

One of Padraig’s main aims is to promote youth drama. To this end, he has established a youth drama group that is affiliated to the National youth drama of Ireland. From September 2018, Ramor theatre will deliver a year-round programme of drama workshops and performance opportunities to young people aged 12- 21. Padraig hopes to expand this by offering opportunities for younger children to explore drama but this will be in the future.

Padraig wants the theatre to have a role in the centre of the local community. The theatre already provides a broad spectrum of the arts from music, drama, film and dance. However, he feels that there is an opening for providing a forum for discussing topics that are of interest to the community. He envisages inviting guests who would give a presentation on a particular topic and this would be followed by a Question and Answer session. An example of a topic would be the very topical one of the Internet and young people.

We are celebrating a number of significant centenaries in the history of Ireland and arising from this, Padraig has an idea for a mini weekend festival that would look at the then and now of the past 100 years since the establishment of the state.

Padraig says that he want Ramor theatre to be a beacon for the arts in Virginia and beyond. He intends to be ambitious in the performers and acts that he will attract to the theatre. From talking to him and hearing his enthusiasm in his voice, it is clear that the future of Ramor theatre is ensured and will continue to grow as a cultural hub for the local community.