Virginia Town Team

The who? Another Virginia group?

I know! But it may be a good thing. Let me explain.

Cavan County Council (CCC), back in May 2016, sent out a meeting invitation to ‘have your say in shaping your towns future’. CCC were to establish a Town Team in a number of county towns, including to date Virginia, Cootehill and Cavan. The Virginia Town Team (VTT) was formally put in place in April 2017. There has been a change in membership over the months but currently there are 13 members, all living or working within Virginia. I thought the same as you – last thing needed was another ‘group’ but many members are on other committees within the area, allowing for a share of knowledge and more importantly projects and tasks.

So, what do we do?

The Virginia Town Team Plan was launched by VTT in November 2017. At the launch, we held public consultation and have formed working groups based on what you told us you wanted in the town.

We have opened communication across the various groups and organisations within the town. VTT have delivered projects together with the Men’s Shed, Virginia Development Association and Virginia Tidy Towns. We have applied for funding from as many and all streams as we can. To date delivered:

* A Virginia Town Brochure, available across the county, highlighting what visitors to the area can avail of within our town.

* Purchase of planters, seen on the streets of Virginia in recent months.

* Facilitated the delivery of the Fleetwood Paint Scheme to the town.

* The Lakeshore Redevelopment – Phase 1.

What’s yet to come?

> Funding is secured for the purchase of a power washer for use across the town and by local groups to help maintain the cleanliness of the town.

> This website!! – live from November 2018 is a refresh of a great website for the Town. VTT invite any group or person who would like to add an article/blog/news to get in touch ( This is our town website not a Town Team website, so let’s fill it and advertise ourselves as the beautiful town Virginia is. Lets talk!

> Funding is secured for the Phase 2 of the Lakeshore Redevelopment.

> Town Team members are also actively involved with the delivery of proposed revised parking in the town.

VTT have a close working relationships with Cavan County Council for both Community and Enterprise department and the Development office.

Virginia has always had people working hard to deliver and maintain our beautiful town. Through the Town Team there is funding applied for and being made available to help now deliver on these aspirations. The Town Team will work with all parties to ensure we have a community led, joint stakeholder approach to any development within the town. Working together works. Working together delivers.

If you are interested in finding out more or wish to become involved with the Town Team please contact the committee through

We are not a sounding board – be prepared to fix whatever it is you think needs fixing and work to delivery!

Sheelagh McGuinness


Virginia Town Team